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The clients at Alexandra House wanted an extension to their property that worked better with their busy family lives. We designed a modern extension and re-worked their interior to make the most of the ground floor space, also creating a cozy outdoor dining area nestled between the old and the new.

The project was approved for planning and building regulations, and is currently on site.

At Malmesbury House the client wanted an extension to replace an aging lean-to at the rear of the house. The client was working to a tight budget and we were brought on board after they received unaffordable estimates from builders. We redesigned the extension and made key cost-saving decisions, such as re-using existing openings and reducing structural work. 

The project has since been approved for planning and building regulations and will start on site soon.



10 AUGUST 2020

EHJ Architecture opens. We are a new company, but have had many years working as an architect and in architecture. 

We are happy to say we are continuing our working relationship with Paul Cashin Architects, for whom we have worked freelance since 2019. 

Having worked at various architecture practices across Hampshire and a medium-scale housing developer, we have a wealth of experience in designing and realising architectural projects, and we look forward to helping you make your home's dream come true!

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